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About us!

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At Mike Chavez Real Estate, we are focused on providing excellent, well-rounded, and diverse solutions for buyers/sellers in Western Colorado.

We are proud to represent you in purchasing or selling any real estate, including, but not limited to, first home, second home, mountain properties, ranches, farms, hunting properties, etc.

Our Mission/Vision

Keys To The New Place

To be the number one real estate brokerage in the U.S., offering a full-service model while providing our agents with the industry’s best commission plans.

Our Guiding Principles


We believe first and foremost in loving others as ourselves. In placing this principle at our very core, it will guide our actions as we grow and make decisions that affect our agents, our stockholders, our clients, and the communities in which we serve.


We believe in the principles of servant leadership. By truly serving others and placing their needs first, we believe they will return that service through excellence, growth, and goodwill.​


We believe that building trust through integrity is vital in serving our agents and our clients. Therefore, we will be honest and upright in our conduct, unimpaired by selfish ambition or motives.​


We believe that we are called to treat everyone with dignity and honor. We are not called to judge others. Instead, we are called to love and serve them.


We believe in treating others with respect and humility, listening to their words, and seeking first to understand. In doing so, we will build trust and become stronger as an organization, an industry, and a community.


We believe in supporting others through the sharing of ideas, resources, and helping each other grow both personally and professionally. We will strive to exceed expectations on each and every opportunity.​


We believe that it is our shared responsibility to feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the poor, and care for the sick. It is with that belief we serve our local communities through agent-led service projects and company-wide charitable giving.


We believe that Fathom is a family and in being such, we help each other, we serve each other, we respect each other, we protect each other, and we love each other. We do not just talk about being a family, we live it.

I am a professional problem solver and an intuitive teacher. I also aim to improve the lives of those around me and believe in exchanging in abundance with others. Leadership is a focal point of my day-to-day from a very grassroots level through example and encouragement. I manage a very skilled and highly passionate/motivated team that cohesively works together toward our common goals. 


I am an adaptive, solution-based broker that aims to provide excellent service to our clientele. I work well at finding flexible and innovative solutions that are catered to the individual as every situation is unique.  My background in general construction gives me an edge in identifying key attractive or detractive features for your property. 

Sean Dunham

Associate Broker

Mike Chavez



Bryce Harrison

Like many of you, I believe in exchanging in abundance and assisting others in growing so we can all be our best. My goal is to assist in growing, expanding and telling our story authentically so that the community can see the fantastic work and service we provide. My other goal is to individually and direct support to our team. Our team is unique, and nobody has what we have; the potential is limitless.

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Interested in joining the Team?

We are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to join our team. We are a small but productive team that are looking for individuals that want to grow and provide the best services to Western Colorado.


We operate in various locations throughout Colorado and encourage you to call us at (970) 628-1332 or visit us at 134 N 6th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

Marketing Director

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